About This Blog

Hi, I’m Jacob Gabrielson and I’m a developer working on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. I’m interested in infrastructure, in general, and specifically interested in Kubernetes, Unix, Bash, systems programming, topics related to practical distributed computing, functional programming, and Emacs. This blog replaces my old external blog, which I’ll leave up for the time being. It’s a collection of posts I’ve made over the years (and hopefully a few new ones). Please note this blog is entirely my own opinions and does not necessarily represent those of my employer.

The name of this blog is derived from an anecdote about the legendary computer scientist Niklaus Wirth:

He said he was once asked how to pronounce his name, and replied, “If you call me by name, it is Neeklaws Veert, but if you call me by value, it is Nickel’s Worth”.

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Thanks for reading!